tisdag 20 maj 2014

Franz Edvard Cedrins

Vernissage för videoverket Munöga #23 av Franz Edvard Cedrins på Kungstensgatan 27. Välkommen nu på fredag 23/5 kl 18.00!

Utställningen pågår 23/5-23/6.

Munöga/Moutheye is a video & sound installation project playing along the borders of pictures in motion, choreography and the unrecorded live sound we all perceive at a given site.

The Munöga/Moutheye project has been traveling around to various places, festivals and galleries in Europe and Russia. Most recently shown at Gallery Zecco, Bologna, Italy

Franz Edvard Cedrins is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. He started out as a visual artist, now mainly working within the fields of performance art and sound art. Franz Edvard is also an active composer for film and stage-art productions all around Europe.

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